Hemos llegado a Colombia!!!

6 Mar

Tuesday night we arrived in Bogotá, Colombia. Genny and I found each other easily, which was a pleasant surprise. She arrived in a little earlier and in a different terminal, but the timing couldn’t have been better, I spotted her right away. We hopped in a cab and went straight to our hostel. Our first hostel was called Platypus Bogotá and was located in the Candelaria district of Bogotá. We stayed there because it was a place that Genny had stayed at before. It was a fine hostel, but the truth is I wouldn’t recommender it to fellow travellers. The hostel was fine, but the neighbourhood was not necessarily the best. We didn’t feel comfortable walking around the Candelaria, especially at night. Now don’t get me wrong, the Candelaria is a must see part of Bogotá. It has the most history, the most churches, the most museums, and literally is where the city was founded. That being said, my recommendation would be to stay somewhere further up north and commute to the Candelaria for the day. I understand that it has a fun night life, but I’m not super concerned about that. And in the short time I’ve been here, I’ve heard of at least 4 or 5 travellers getting robed in the area. To me, it is just not worth it.

Anyway, the first night we didn’t do too much. We checked in, went to the Macarena district for dinner, then came home and passed out. The next day we woke up and went out exploring our new turf. It was great to just get a feel for the city. We had a nice lunch at an Israeli restaurant, then I took a cab up north to meet up with my friend Iván and go play some frisbee! I know you might be asking yourself why didn’t I try some local Colombian food? Well the answer is I’m travelling with a vegetarian and there are not a lot of veggy options in a typical Colombian diet. Not to worry, I will have plenty of time to explore the cuisine.

So as I mentioned, this was my first Colombian frisbee experience. I wasn’t worried, but I knew that I wasn’t at 100% for a number of different reasons. First of all, I haven’t played much frisbee at all since I played at the world championships in Prague 2010. So I was a little out of frisbee shape. Besides that I’ve been travelling for about a month and in that time I hadn’t had much exercise at all, just lots of good food and a few long nights. Then on top of that, I was just finally getting over a stomach bug and getting my appetite back. It seems like it happens to everybody, but I definitely caught something somewhere in Ecuador. Just the body getting used to the new environment. I wasn’t stuck in bed or anything, just didn’t have much of an appetite for about a week. I’m very over it now though, and am back to enjoying food :).

Anyway, I took a cab up north and met my friend Iván at his office and he drove me to practice. As expected, I got my ass kicked, but in a good way. It felt good, and forcing myself to exercise I really do believe finally pushed me over the final hump of my stomach problems and brought back my appetite. It was a tough practice for me; it was a very physical practice filled with more drills and cardiovascular exercises than actually playing, but I think I proved I have some frisbee skills, just that I was a little out of shape. We only ended up playing about 5 actual points before we got the lights turned out on us, and I’m happy to say I recorded a Callahan (Paragraph #2) in one of the two points I played. Overall it was a success and I was happy to meet my new teammates. I had some work to do, but I was looking forward to it. We had a tournament coming up in a week and a half, and I was committed to being ready!

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