Alone, but not solo in Bogotá

13 Mar

Thursday Genny and I had plans of our own, very different plans. After breakfast, she took a flight to Cartagena, a beautiful northern coastal city with a lot of history, close to some nice beaches. I woke up starting a new part of my journey, the solo part. It was great having G as a travel buddy for a month, but at the same time I was looking forward to the challenge of trekking around Colombia by myself. I wasn´t sure exactly where I was going to stay, but had a few options. One of those options was my friend Iván´s house, but he hadn´t given me a 100% yes yet. After asking what my plans were, he told me he´d talk to his family and let me know mañana if I could stay there or not. So I took the initiative and made a reservation at a hostel in Northern Bogotá. After seeing the northern part of the city the day before, I new I wanted to move to that part of town. It was closer to frisbee, closer to my new friends, and overall it was just a nicer,  newer part of town.

When I called Iván the next day and told him I made a reservation at a hostel and didn´t want to be any kind of inconvenience, he said that wasn´t necessary and I should stay with him, his parents, brother, sister, dog and cat at their house. I graciously accepted and made plans to meet up with him again by his office after work. I left my bag with the hostel I´d been staying at for the day and went out to enjoy Bogotá. I explored downtown Bogotá, stopping at a number of different museums, churches and other similar places you would expect to find in the old part of town. Some of my favorites were el museo del oro, museo militar y el museo de la policia. It was a good, productive day.

After exploring Bogotá, I met back up with Iván and he took me to my new home (for a week :)). I first met his mother, Marta, and brother, Juan Sebastián. I could tell right away that they were good people. I ended up crashing on a mattress on Ivan´s floor, but that was perfect for me. That night we just hung out at his place and I got to meet his family. They were all pleasantly surprised an American could hold down a conversation in Spanish; they had all sorts of stories to tell me. Marta made everybody a wonderful, typical Colombian dinner of carne asada, beans and rice, and I went to bed happy.

I stayed at their house for an entire week, until Genny got back from the coast. They were all very generous people and I truly appreciate them allowing me to stay there and get to know them for a week. It made my trip so much easier and I am grateful for the help and generosity they showed towards me. They went out of their way to show me things, take me places, and even refused to let me pay for things. I ended up getting them some presents and invited them all to California, so who knows maybe one day we will have some Colombian visitors in Cali!!

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