Ultimate Frisbee al estilo Colombiano!

23 Mar

Today is Friday March 23, 2012 and my trip is coming to a close. I am back in Quito, staying at Lou and Jhuly´s house again. This time it´s a little different though because they are not here; they are both back in Yosemite. Again someone has shown great generosity towards me letting me house sit for them while they are gone. I go home in five days. There is a lot of catching up to do, let me start with the ultimate frisbee tournament I played in a few weeks ago:
I had been practicing with my new team Matanga for about two weeks at this point and was feeling fairly confident in my abilities again. I was back to 100% stomach wise and my conditioning I will put at about 85-90%. I of course could have been in better shape, but I was running around and playing lots of points sin problema. The tournament was supposed to be Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but our team opted to only play Saturday and Sunday, which ended up coming back to hurt us in the end. Our captain was under the impression that we would play the games scheduled for Friday on Saturday, but we ended up forfeiting those two games. He decided that because a few of our players would not have made the Friday games. So Saturday morning we started 0-2 before any discs started flying. It´s all good though, we´re just here to have a good time! We won our first game on ´ultimate point,´ which means we were tied 9-9 as time expired and it´s a game to ten. We were overall happy with our performance, as I personally was with the way I played. We then had another game as soon as the first one ended. We ended up losing this game by two; I think we could have won, but we didn’t. No excuses right? The team we lost to ended up coming in 2nd place losing in what was a very close final.

After losing that second game, it virtually made it virtually impossible for us to go into the upper pools, meaning we couldn’t finish in the top 8. Oh well, we ended up finishing in 9th place, and if it weren’t for us forfeiting our first two games Friday, I think we could have competed for the title. Either way, we had a lot of fun. Saturday the weather was typical Bogotá weather, meaning it would be sunny and hot for a short while, then start sprinkling, followed by a five minute torrential downpour, back to being sunny and repeat.

We had one more game that day, which we won by three or four points. Genny, who was back in town by this point, showed up right as that game started and got her first taste of what ultimate frisbee is all about! She did take some pictures and as soon as I get back I´ll get her pics from her and post them online for everyone to see J.

After the games on Saturday there was a party on the fields. Not a-typical at all for a frisbee tournament, one thing that makes it the best sport in the world! We had some food, a few beers and just hung out enjoying each other’s company. There were some entertaining events taking place as well, like the slip-and-slide relay race. What is a slip-and-slide relay race you might ask? Well, each team had four people. The first person would slide down the slide, chug a beer, and as soon as he or she was done drinking the beer, the next person on the team would do the same. Pretty simple and quite entertaining. I would have participated, but it was damn cold outside and sliding down a slip-and-slide did not seem like fun at all. But I appreciated everyone who did it for our enjoyment. Crazy frisbee people.

We ended up going home around 10 pm, cramming 13 or 14 people into two different cars.  I passed out, woke up, and did it all over again on Sunday. It was a fantastic time and I finished the tournament with a lot more friends than when I started. I loved playing with my team and hope that that wasn´t the last time I get to play with them. There was talk of a tournament last weekend in Medellín, but it never happened, it was pushed back to a later date. After the tournament a few of us went to El Corral which has some of the most famous hamburgers in Colombia, then said our good-byes and went our respective ways. I think I fell asleep around 8 pm that night, but it was a fantastic weekend!!

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