¿Que tiene el resto de Colombia, fuera de Bogotà?

11 Apr

After the tournament I didn’t have much of a plan. I had a few ideas and my new friends were all about giving me ideas, but nothing concrete was established. I decided to leave the next few days up to Genny since she was leaving on Thursday. We pondered taking a trip out of Bogotá but decided to stay put until she leaves. It had been a crazy month and a half and since we only had 3 days before she left any kind of trip felt like it would be rushed. We were very comfortable at Los Andes Hostel and decided to just take it easy the next few days, explore Bogotá a little more, and then I would do something on my own after she left. So that’s exactly what we did, and it was great. We, well her more than me, got some shopping done, explored even more of the city (it´s a huge city with countless things to do, +7.5 million people and +8,600 ft. elevation), hung out with our new friends, and just plain relaxed. Isn´t that what vacation is all about anyway?

On Wednesday I was still trying to decide what I was going to do the rest of my 1.5 weeks in Colombia. There was no shortage of places to go, Medellín, Santander (self-proclaimed adventure capital of S. America), Cali, as well as an assortment of places on the coast. Mostly the northern Caribbean coast, but the Pacific coast was also an option. I just had to narrow it down as to where I wanted to be. I was mostly looking at buses and it was going to cost about $100,000 Colombian Pesos ($55 USD) and 18 hours to get to the coast and at least $50,000 COP to get anywhere else. So Genny suggested I look at flights. I found one for just a little more than a bus ticket ($160,000 COP or $80 USD) and thought why not, I’m going to the coast! I didn´t buy a return ticket, mainly because I didn´t know how I would get home. I knew one of two things would happen: I was either going to buy a return flight later on, or take a bus home stopping at various places on the way home so I´m not on the stupid thing for 18 hours straight. There was talk of another frisbee tournament in Medellín the weekend of March 16-18 which happened to be the weekend before I went back to Ecuador. It wasn’t a sure thing though, so I wanted to keep all of my options open. So on Thursday, March 8 Genny had a flight back to L.A., and I had a flight to Cartagena, Colombia.

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